12.3. Going Further This book taught you a lot of things that any Kali Linux user should know, but we made some hard choices to keep it short, and there are many topics that were not covered. 12.3.1. Towards System Administration If you want to learn more about system administration, then we can only recommend that you check out the Debian Administrator's Handbook: https://debian-handbook.info/get/ You will find there many supplementary chapters covering common Unix services that we have entirely skipped in this book. And even for chapters that have been reused in the Kali book, you will find plenty of supplementary tips, notably on the packaging systemRead More →

12.2. Showing Off Your Newly Gained Knowledge Are you proud of your new Kali Linux skills? Would you like to ensure that you remember the really important things? If you answer yes to one of those questions, then you should consider applying for the Kali Linux Certified Professional program. It is a comprehensive certification that will ensure that you know how to deploy and use Kali Linux in many realistic use cases. It is a nice addition to your resume and it also proves that you are ready to go further.Read More →

Congratulations! Hopefully you should now be more familiar with your Kali Linux system and you should not be afraid of using it for any experiment that you can think of. You have discovered its most interesting features but you also know its limits and various ways to work around those limitations. If you have not put all features into practice, keep this book around for reference purposes and refresh your memory when you are about to try a new feature. Remember that there is nothing better than practice (and perseverance) to develop new skills. Try Harder, as the Offensive Security trainers keep repeating. 12.1. Keeping UpRead More →