Raspberry Pi Access point If you don't have a Raspberry Pi 3, you should really get one. They are super cool and relatively inexpensive. In this exercise, you will configure a Raspberry Pi 3 to run as a Wireless Access Point, granting connected users access to the Internet. This exercise is great because you will install Kali to the Raspberry Pi, edit files, change file permissions, configure network interfaces, install and configure services, configure iptables rules and more. It's a great overview. Here's what you'll need to do: Install Kali on the Raspberry Pi 3. You could use a custom image, but if you do,Read More →

Exercise 1, Chapter 5 - Configuring users in Kali Create a standard user account. Add the new user to the 'sudo' group Exercise 2, Chapter 5 - Configuring the network Stop the Network Manager service and completely disable it at boot time. Configure your Kali machine for DHCP on eth0 Bring down the eth0 interface. Connect to the wireless network using your wireless USB dongle by configuring /etc/network/interfaces accordingly. Exercise 3, Chapter 5 - Configuring Services part 1 Configure SSH to permit root login with password (hint: PermitrootLogin). Start the SSH service and connect to it from your host system as the root user. Configure the SSH serviceRead More →