Exercise Chapter 4 - Installing Kali Linux

Exercise 1, Chapter 4 - Kali Linux Full Disk Encryption Install
  1. What are the minimum required resources to a VM machine? 
  2. Install a standard, default, full disk encryption installation of Kali Linux to a new VM. Make sure the final VM is in NAT mode.
  3. What technologies are used for encryption?

Exercise 2, Chapter 4 - Kali Linux Unattended Install
  1. Create a new VM, with the minimal required hardware requirements.
  2. Complete a standard, default, installation, using a pressed file - hosted over HTTP (or HTTPS). Your pressed file is https://www.kali.org/dojo/preseed.cfg.
  3. Make sure the installation is fully unattended: you must preseed locale, keymap, hostname and domain as well.