Exercise Chapter 9 - Rebuilding Packages

Exercise 1, Chapter 9 - Forking a Kali Package

1. Fork the kali-meta package.
2. Include a new metapackage which contains only 3 of your favorite tools.
3. Create the binary deb files for later use.

Exercise 2, Chapter 9 - Updating a Kali Package

1. Package the absolute latest version of SET for use with Kali.
2. Create the binary deb file for later use.
3. Can you update the aircrack-ng package in the same way?

Exercise 3, Chapter 9 - Rebuilding your Kernel

The Kali kernel is built in a “one size fits all” philosophy, to be able to support the largest base of hardware possible.
1. Install a performance measurement tool like likwid and fire off a quick likwid-bench benchmark.
2. Install graysky2's “Kernel GCC patch” to optimize your kernel for your exact CPU model.
3. Recompile this kernel once you have added the patch and selected your CPU model type.