Approximate time needed to prepare for the KLCP exam? (plus off topic questions)

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    Hello Everyone,

    I want to book (in advance) a date with Pearsons to sit the KLCP exam. I want to do this to minimise procrastination and help create urgency etc. in my preparation.

    But before I create a realistic date for myself I need to know *approximately* how many hours is likely to be involved in going through the whole course, doing quizzes etc. and other preparation.

    An hour range (e.g. 150 – 250 hours) could also be helpful or suggestions from past students (or people who know what past students did) on what kind of knowledge students had prior to starting the course and then how long approximately it took them to prepare (if they can even remember).

    So obviously it depends on the student but I would just like ideas and opinions please. In my case I know Windows and Microsoft products pretty well – been using Windows since Windows 98 to give you an idea of how long sigh! I know computers pretty well and concepts etc. Need more knowledge of *nix, tcpip and Networking (but I think that’s more needed for the OSCP? ) but my exposure to Linux is quite limited. I’ve never worked with Debian or a more difficult distro such as Slackware to figure out how Linux works ‘under the hood’. Worked a little with the Linux GUIs on Ubuntu, Mint etc. and did basic stuff with AIX Unix ages ago.

    As part of my preparation I’ll definitely be installing Debian and trying to learn it along with Kali (which will add more time to my preparation but I want the knowledge and not just the KLCP cert for the sake of the paper). Hopefully I’ll also find the time to teach myself and work with ‘proper’ Linux distros such as Slackware and possibly also Arch and/or some BSDs to help my knowledge of *nix although I realise that’s probably overkill for the KLCP. I can factor in that time myself.

    It would also be awesome if you could give approximate amount of time (hours) needed to prepare for the OSCP although obviously that’s not applicable to this forum and is also very student dependant etc. Or possibly just the approximate amount of hours needed to go through the PwK material which is just some of what’s needed to pass the OSCP. Or maybe add these time frames to KLCP and/or PwK faq/preface etc. sections to help students. Possibly also along with hardware requirements – I asked another question about whether I need to buy a Raspberry Pi for KLCP. I think it’s a given that students will need a laptop/desktop pc but might not be aware of other costs etc.

    Thank you for reading!

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    Johnny Long

    Hi. I was hoping some other students would chime in here because it’s hard for us to answer this question. There are too many variables. Working through the chapters and exercises on this site should help quite a bit.

    Best wishes!


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    Dominic Iannucci

    I studied for a little over two months and did not pass.

    Good luck!

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