Chapter 3 Exercise 5

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    Gisung Ryu

    Hello Everyone!
    I’m new to the community and I was working through the exercises in Chapter 3 until I found something confusing.

    In Exercise 3-5, answer provided for question “What type of device is /dev/urandom” is “ls -l /dev/random”. When I type that into terminal it gives me permission, owner, and creation date of the folder /dev/urandom but I can’t find information on whether this is a character or block device.

    I am able to find that information by inputting “File /dev/urandom”.

    Is the answer provided wrong or am I missing something?


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    Gisung Ryu

    Aha, I missed the fact that first letter c or b indicates that information.
    Silly me. Please disregard my question 🙂

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