Confusion on Exercise 7-1

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    Is this exercise easily performed inside of a VM? Can’t seem to determine if my ports are open or not. Netstat commands show me as my kali? I’ve listened with both -l and -lnvp, but I honestly have no idea what to do to connect from my host machine, using isn’t going to do much. I’ve spent a little time looking through the netstat and netcat manuals, seems like this should work as described if I had an actual IP of my kali VM. Should I define a static IP in kali perhaps? I have a feeling this would work fine if it was on it’s own seperate machine. I apologize for my ignorance, I’ve been using Mint as a crutch for a few years 🙂

    BONUS CONFUSION: If networking is disabled by default why does kali automatically connect to the wired connection and tell me to update?!

    EDIT: I’m using freshest kali64 iso with default gnome DE, full graphical install, updated, with encryption on vbox set to NAT btw.

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    So I remembered curl, but I’m getting a ‘connection refused’ fail from host machine when trying to listen. Think I’m going to do a live usb on a separate machine, see if things make more sense to me with no VM or ‘wired connection’ involved.

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