Exercise 2, Chapter 10 – Creating a Kali Repository

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      Having followed the steps in the exercise to create the repository I get stuck trying to generate the key using gpg.

      apt install reprepro gnupg2
      adduser –system –group pkgrepo
      chown pkgrepo $(tty) # gpg requires write access to the terminal
      su – -s /bin/bash pkgrepo
      gpg2 –gen-key # Don’t enter password << THE PROMPT FOR A PASSPHRASE RETURNS REPEATEDLY.

      I’ve checked the man pages and several forums posts which advise to use the –batch argument with –gen-key. The command create the pubring.kbx file but then the terminal hangs until I cancel it.

      I was wondering if anyone had got this far/and if they had managed to get this to work?

      UPDATE: If I disconnect the pkgrepo account and then run the command as root it works – I can bypass the passphrase prompt.

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