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      Hey folks.
      If someone can explain to me what I’m doing wrong, I’d appreciate it.

      I am doing the unattended install (my first time ever) and what i’ve done was this:

      Boot the VirtualBox pointed to the kali.iso and then select install, hit tab and modify the contents by adding
      preseed/url=https://www.kali.org/dojo/preseed.cfg locale=en_US keymap=us hostname=host domain=domain.com
      I hit enter and it boots up and goes along for awhile all “unattended” but when the installation comes to the root password…it halts. I checked the preseed.cfg on kali.org and it has a root password set to toor etc. But it just doesn’t go.

      If i enter the password, the installation can progress a little more then comes to disk partitioning. Again it halts and needs my input. I checked the file on the website again and it indeed does provide auto-responses for this as well…but again, they don’t just auto insert.

      What am I doing wrong? How do I correct this?

      Thank you

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      Hi Hrothgar,

      I’m not quite sure yet why that isn’t working but using “auto mode” definitely does, i.e. using

      auto url=https://www.kali.org/dojo/preseed.cfg locale=en_US keymap=us hostname=host domain=domain.com

      will get you there.

      Please let us know how you go,

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      Hey. Many thanks. Yeah I was looking the file and could not figure out what was wrong. I’m very glad it wasn’t on my end! 😉
      Thanks for the help.

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      Fixed in 2018.1

      In 2017.3, simply dropping the “preseed” from “preseed/url=” would have been enough to make it work.

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      Huh, really good to know, thank you.

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