Help with accessing other files on usb that stored bootable image(ex.1 chapter2)

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    I created a bootable image on a usb (I was using vmware for kali), but I forgot that I have other school related files ( window ) stored on that usb as well. Now I can’t access the usb through my host ( window machine). every time I tried to access, it told me to format the disk in drive D. Is there anyway to access those files(doc., ppt, excel) anymore ? Thanks

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    Rocco Barbini

    By creating a bootable USB, you almost certainly lost the rest of the contents. For the future, you should make sure that the drives that you use for this purpose are empty.

    Also, I would suggest that you always keep more than one copy of important files on multiple phisical drives (or in the cloud).

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    Hello jen, before creating a USB key to boot is recommended to make a backup if you have information on it, as it will probably cause the complete loss of data and possibly damage your configuration without possibility of repair.

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