How to repair Kali-Linux grub in PCs with UEFI firmware

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      PCs with UEFI firmware install boot loaders in the EFI partition of your hard drive and creates an entry in the NVRAM pointing to the actual location of grub. If grub-installation gets failed during OS installation or if the entry of grub is missing in Boot menu options, you can re-install grub using Kali live.

      Boot into kali live USB and enter these commands:

      /dev/sda* is your linux filesystem.
      /dev/sda+ is your EFI partition which is most likely /dev/sda1.
      Use fdisk -l to list all partitions.

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      Johnny Long

      Thanks, @_defalt! This is a great bit of info for this section!

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      On line 13 – error : file doesn´t exist and
      after doing the whole process the grub is not avaliable , windows start automatically.

      I have windos 10 and kali 2018 , but , no grub.

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