Issue installing Kali-Linux on the HD

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    Hi guys, I´ve been trying to install kali in my Macbook pro 2017. When I need to select the language at the very beginning of the installation the keyboard and the touchpad doesn’t work. I think is a bug because of the hardware.
    Does anyone know what can I do?

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    Johnny Long

    Hi Jeshua.

    Sorry, but you haven’t provided any details that could help anyone solve your problem. That’s why you have no replies. Are you installing in a VM? If so, which one? Are you simply booting your Mac from a USB and installing on metal? Which Kali image are you starting with? These are all valuable questions.

    The instructions in Chapter Two of the book are pretty much bulletproof. Have you followed them?

    In the future, when asking for help, provide details that people can use to help you. Chapter Six of the book provide all the details you need. No one is going to help you if you haven’t provided adequate information, and no one will help you if your solution is a Google search away.

    Not trying to be harsh, but this is the kindest reply you can hope to expect from a question this thin on details.


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    Hi Johny, I am very thankful for your answer, you’re right I didn’t mention the details, won’t happen again. Sorry

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