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    Hi Folks. I am trying to do an install of KL on a surplus PC. Running live off USB is no problem. However, during an “Install” on the same machine, I am getting a hang at the network configuration. Install pauses with screen displaying “Configure the Network”. Yes there is a LAN card and yes it works (running live works fine to LAN/Internet).

    My trouble shooting took me to the Hardware discovery tool which shows no PCI devices, though the the LAN card is on-board. Could this be an issue? Is there a way to the install to find the LAN card

    I have no idea where to go from here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    PS. New to linux.


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    perinba ebinesar

    I had an idea to find a solution to your problem. I think the USB partition type may be wrong and it must be changed to respective USB partition type it may be GPT and also necessary required space 20 Gb to 30 Gb allocation memory required for proper installation on pc. Network configuration may also check for necessary packets and other source files required file update is necessary.

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    Yeah… I went through all those sorts of things thanks. In the end I went to the advanced manual install without the network. Go figure. All good now.

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