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    Sorry if this is lame but I’m a newbie and I’m a little confused if it comes to the lecture about “Booting Kali”and I got some questions.

    First of all are you sure that your guide about virtual machines isn’t outdated a bit? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong because I’ve just clicked on the image downloaded from kali.org (the one for VMware) and that was it system was mounted (I’m using the Fusion version on my Mac) Afterwards I can adjust the settings.(I also created a usb just for practice)

    Second question : you are kindly providing several methods from creating a usb stick with Kali, VirtualBox, and finally VMaware when I read your FAQ it clearly states :

    “Because we need to pick a VM environment to streamline your experience through the course, and we picked VMWare. VirtualBox and the other solutions are great, but we simply can’t cover them all and there’s no sense confusing the course by providing multiple paths and introducing potential variables.”

    So as far as I understand staying with the VMWare is the correct thing to do while studying this online guide?

    Kind Regards


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