Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

This course is free? It has to cost something!

Yes, the book and online course are free. It is part of our goal to improve community education around our Linux distribution, and make the community aware of its full capabilities. And because we love you. :-)

Who is this course meant for?

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their skills using the Kali Linux distribution. This includes both newcomers to the infosec field, as well as experienced individuals looking to improve their mastery of the Kali operating system.

What is the difference between the Kali Revealed hardcopy and online course?

Kali Linux Revealed is the course manual, whether you view the online, PDF or hard copy. The online version has exercises at the end of some sections, and this combination of reading material and exercises makes up the online study course, aimed at preparing you for the actual certification exam.

May I teach my own Kali classes using this book?

Yes, you may. There are certain conditions though, which are pretty much in line with maintaining basic human decency. Read more about this in our Trademarks and Copyright Policy.

Where can I buy a hardcopy of Kali Revealed?

Why is there a preference for VMware workstation in the course? What's wrong with VirtualBox?

Because we need to pick a VM environment to streamline your experience through the course, and we picked VMWare. VirtualBox and the other solutions are great, but we simply can’t cover them all and there’s no sense confusing the course by providing multiple paths and introducing potential variables.

KLCP Certification Questions

What is the Kali Linux Certified Professional (KLCP)?

The Kali Linux Certified Professional (KLCP) is a professional certification that testifies to ones knowledge and fluency with the Kali Linux penetration testing platform. Its holders can demonstrate a thorough understanding of utilizing the Kali Linux operating in depth. Individuals with this certification have the skills, knowledge and abilities to put Kali Linux to use as advanced power users, capable of creating highly customized and secure deployments. In addition the KLCP provides a foundational knowledge for for any information security professional – allowing them to use it as a solid base in their information security career. The certification exam can be scheduled and purchased through Offensive Security, and is taken online allowing anyone from around the world to take the course.

Does the KLCP certification cost money? Why? I thought you loved me!

The KLCP exam itself does cost $299, but the Kali Linux Operating System, the Kali Linux Revealed book and the Kali Linux Revealed self-paced online course are free. The certification is a real honest-to-goodness industry certification. We will proctor the certification exam and provide a stable, trusted testing environment.

Does the KLCP expire? Do I need to re-certify?

The KLCP teaches foundational skills, many of which do not “expire”. Because of this we don’t see an immediate need to re-certify. However, the technology landscape is fluid so nothing is “forever”. We have come up with a compromise that leaves re-certification up to you. Your KLCP will be tagged with a year code (for example, “KLCP2017”). This could be “good enough” forever, but if you get to the point that you’re thinking of a re-certification, know that we offer a low-drag re-certification path.

How are the Kali Linux Revealed course and KLCP certification related to each other? Can I take one without the other ?

The KLCP is the name of the certification of the Kali Linux Revealed course. Students working through the course are in no way obligated to take the certification, and those opting to attempt the certification are not obligated to take the course. However, the certification exam is based on the Kali Linux Revealed manual, so we strongly recommend you read through it, in any of its forms.

Is the KLCP a multiple choice exam? Aren't performance based exams better?

This is really a frequently asked question. The best examination approach depends on the examiner’s specific situations and goals. When measuring items such as problem solving and critical thinking across a wide range of topics – performance based exams are, in our opinion, always better. However, when measuring knowledge of a specific toolset, multiple choice questions can still deliver the goods. The goal of the KLCP certification is to specifically test proficiency in Kali Linux, and this can be objectively measured by asking technical questions about the operating system. In addition, a multiple choice examination opens testing to a wider range of students.

A quick and somewhat inspirational story might help clarify this. At one of the Kali Dojos, I (muts) noticed an individual struggling to successfully boot Kali Live in a virtual machine. The VM would start booting up, but would hang mid-way, resulting in a dark screen with a blinking cursor. After verifying the integrity of the downloaded ISO file, the student remained baffled and nearly gave up on the exercise.

A quick look at the VM revealed that the user didn't allocate enough RAM to the VM, leaving it at the default "512MB" value, definitely not enough to boot Kali into a full, resource hungry (what was then) Gnome environment. That simple fact alone – the "minimum requirements" needed for a Kali boot (2 GB's of RAM, by the way) was all that was separating that attendee from success and failure. Although this was technically a simple situation, it dawned on me that standardizing both the fundamental and advanced topics in Kali Linux would benefit the whole community.

What can you tell me about the KLCP Practice Quizzes?

Here are some important notes to help you understand what the practice quizzes are and what they are not.

We did not use questions form the official pool for these quizzes. That would disqualify a percentage of the exam pool. We generally did not grab questions from the pool and make slight changes to the question and answers. That's basically the same thing as duplicating a question. In addition, the real exam does not provide instant feedback about your answers, making it impossible to learn potential future answers from previous questions. The practice quizzes provide this feedback, allowing you to learn from previous questions. There are no true/false questions on the final exam.

In order to avoid overlap, we dodged the objects of the official question pool entirely. Because of this, the vast majority of the objects of the practice questions are completely different that what's in the official pool. However, in some very rare cases, we threw in a few questions that are fairly similar to the exam, but with (often vastly) different answers to throw you off just a bit. Because of this, you can never be completely sure what, exactly is on the final.

An astute reader and student will “fill in the blanks” between the practice quizzes, and realize that there were foundational commands, topics and processes in the book that we did not cover in the practice quizzes. You might also notice that we dive into some deeply technical topics in the practice quizzes but omit less-specific topics in that section. These topical omissions could be considered perfect candidates for the exam.

Overall, we wanted to give you a true taste of what you can expect during the exam. We probed the book equally for both the practice quizzes and the official exam in order to clearly illustrate the depth of knowledge of the Kali Revealed book you'll need to pass the final exam.

But to reiterate, the practice quizzes give you a feel of what's to come, and reveal the attention you'll need to pay to our free training resources. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in our forums.

How can I verify a KLCP?

Contact with the student’s name, location and certificate ID.

Do I receive continued education credits (CPE) through ISC for KLCP?

You may claim five CPE credits (group A) for reading the "Kali Revealed" book. You may also claim up to 30 CPE credits (group A or B) for the preparation or self-study work you did to achieve the KLCP, once you have passed the KLCP exam. Please note, we can not claim these credits for you, you have to do this yourself, through the ISC member control panel. The CPE guidelines can be found here.

Can I purchase bulk vouchers for the KLCP exam for multiple students/uses?

Sorry, we only offer individual purchases at this time.

OSCP Related Questions

Will this course prepare me for the OSCP certification?

No, OSCP is a completely different certification. However it is strongly encouraged. If you are not fluent in the material in Kali Linux Revealed, we suggest working through the book and the exercises first. After all, it’s free!

I’m already an OSCP. Do I need to take this course?

Definitely! You can score your OSCP and still be a Kali Linux “n00b”. You may be proficient in the tools running under Kali Linux and be able to leverage them to, say, enumerate, exploit and pivot through targets but Kali Linux is so much more than a collection of tools. Yes, certain elements of the KLCP will be a breeze for you (Linux Fundamentals, etc) but the majority of the course will definitely be beneficial for an OSCP.

What is the difference between “Kali Linux Revealed” and “Penetration Testing with Kali Linux”?

Kali Linux Revealed is a foundational course on system administration from a Kali User’s perspective. Penetration Testing with Kali Linux dives deep into penetration testing, and assumes the student is familiar with many of the basics taught in Kali Linux Revealed.

Book Related Questions

What should I do if I find an error in the book?

We would love to hear from you! Please let us know about any problems you find. We want to make the book as accurate and helpful as possible.

I have a problem! Who can I contact for support?

The Kali Linux Team does not provide any official support for this course. We do however have community forums where you can discuss topics in the course with other Kali Linux users, and generally interact with the community. To get the best community experience make sure to read the Kali Linux Forum rules and guidelines before posting to the forums. No, really - read them.

How can I verify the integrity of my book download?

PDF: SHA256 36428578E98F6A0D4A2E40BB0C70108A119EC3FDFBDDDBCDE4072D66D9C1FD54
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