So far, we have seen that Kali is an extremely capable and secure Debian derivative providing industrial-strength security and encryption features, advanced package management, multi-platform capability, and (what it is most-known for) an arsenal of world-class tools for the security professional. What might not be obvious is how Kali scales beyond the desktop to medium or large scale deployments and even to the enterprise level. In this chapter, we will show you how well Kali can scale beyond the desktop, providing centralized management and enterprise-level control over multiple Kali Linux installations. In short, after reading this chapter you will be able to quickly deploy highly secure Kali systems preconfigured for your specific needs and keep them synchronized thanks to Kali's (semi-automatic) installation of package updates.

This level of scale requires several steps, including initiating a PXE network boot, use of an advanced configuration management tool (SaltStack), the ability to fork and customize packages, and the deployment of a package repository. We will cover each step in detail, show you how to get the "heavy lifting" out of the way, and deploy, manage, and maintain multitudes of custom Kali Linux installations with relative ease. As if that were not enough, we will throw in a crowd of minions to assist you in running your empire.