Unlike some other operating systems, Kali Linux makes getting started easy, thanks to the fact that a live disk image is available, meaning that you can boot the downloaded image without following any prior installation procedure. This means you can use the same image for testing, for use as a bootable USB or DVD-ROM image in a forensics case, or for installing as a permanent operating system on physical or virtual hardware.

Because of this simplicity, it is easy to forget that certain precautions must be taken. Kali users are often the target of those with ill intentions, whether state sponsored groups, elements of organized crime, or individual hackers. The open-source nature of Kali Linux makes it relatively easy to build and distribute fake versions, so it is essential that you get into the habit of downloading from original sources and verifying the integrity and the authenticity of your download. This is especially relevant to security professionals who often have access to sensitive networks and are entrusted with client data.