Acknowledgments of Raphaël Hertzog

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4. Acknowledgments of Raphaël Hertzog

I would like to thank Mati Aharoni: in 2012, he got in touch with me because I was one out of dozens of Debian consultants and he wanted to build a successor to BackTrack that would be based on Debian. That is how I started to work on Kali Linux, and ever since I have enjoyed my journey in the Kali world.

Over the years, Kali Linux got closer to Debian GNU/Linux, notably with the switch to Kali Rolling, based on Debian Testing. Now most of my work, be it on Kali or on Debian, provides benefits to the entire Debian ecosystem. And this is exactly what keeps me so motivated to continue, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Working on this book is also a great opportunity that Mati offered me. It is not the same kind of work but it is equally rewarding to be able to help people and share with them my expertise of the Debian/Kali operating system. Building on my experience with the Debian Administrator's Handbook, I hope that my explanations will help you to get started in the fast-moving world of computer security.

I would also like to thank all the Offensive Security persons who were involved in the book: Jim O'Gorman (co-author of some chapters), Devon Kearns (reviewer), Ron Henry (technical editor), Joe Steinbach and Tony Cruse (project managers). And thank you to Johnny Long who joined to write the preface but ended up reviewing the whole book.