Exercise 4-4: Custom Kali Linux ARM Install

Zen Walkthrough - Exercise 4, Chapter 4 - Custom Kali Linux ARM Install
  1. In the previous exercise, we performed a standard ARM install. As you saw, the results were less than thrilling. Although we don't cover this in the book, we think it's valuable that you see how to build a custom image. You can walk through this exercise with any supported ARM device, but we will use a Raspberry Pi3. Check out the list of supported ARM hardware. We will build a custom Kali ARM image containing:
    • A minimum set of packages.
    • No desktop environment (headless).
    • A static IP address on eth0 so we don't have to hunt for our Pi
    • Tools like ifconfig installed.
    • SSH service starts at boot, with your public SSH key preinstalled.

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