Exercise 5-4: Configuring Services Part 2: masscan web interface

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Exercise 4, Chapter 5 - Configuring Services part 2

In this exercise, we'll install masscan. This is a cool tool and the full installation will help review some of the configuration concepts we've explored in this chapter. The process is broken into several steps:

  1. Install and start the Apache the PostgreSQL services.
  2. Configure Apache and PostgreSQL to start at boot time.
  3. Install masscan, it's prerequisites and Offensive Security's masscan web interface. Use an Apache / PostgreSQL stack.
  4. Import a previous scan and view the results.
  5. Protect the Apache installation with a htaccess username / password.

Did you know?

Remember that Kali Linux policy, of disabling network services by default? That policy is configured by /lib/systemd/system-preset/{95-kali.preset,99-default.preset}.