Exercise 8-3: Playing with dpkg-deb

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Exercise 3, Chapter 8 - Playing with dpkg-deb

In this exercise, we want to install Nessus. Nessus is not a simple apt-get installation. It is a process:

  • Downloading the .deb file from Nessus
  • Install .deb with dpkg
  • Register Nessus and get an activation code by email
  • Generate a challenge code with nessuscli in Kali
  • Submit the challenge and activation to get access to plugins
  • Download plugins and install them

This is a long process and isn't simple. Using the skills we demonstrated in this chapter, download and install Nessus and create a package that includes the plugins and installs them, automatically.

  1. Find, download, install and register the Free Nessus Debian package.
  2. Instead of programmatically installing the plugins through the Nessus web interface, save the plugins to a local file.
  3. Slipstream the signatures into the Nessus .deb package so that you will be able to install Nessus (say across multiple computers), without having each computer re-download the signatures.
  4. Create a new Nessus .deb package that automatically installs the plugins.